Water Resource Engineering

Today water resource management is one of the most complex challenges on the globe. Management of flood flow discharge, mitigation of damage, river basin management, bank protection and stabilisation of the flow channel, preservation of the flood water, water management during the dry season for irrigation, drinking and other uses poses a complex problem for water management. Bangladesh with over 27,000 kms of rivers and the three largest river of the sub-continent flowing across is a living example of how water can be useful and how it can cause havoc. Navigation, maintenance of the channel, stabilisation of river bank, control of erosion, small scale irrigation etc demands a perfect solution safeguarding the environment.

BCL, over the years have been involved with the river engineering, navigation, water resource preservation, small dams, irrigation, design and construction of hydraulic control structures, drainage system, water supply system etc. in smaller as well as in larger scales.

The other challenge is to address the increasing water uses due to urbanization, and storm water drainage and water logging have been dealt with over the years.

BCL offers consultancy services within all aspects of water sector development, river engineering, irrigation, drainage, flood control, climate adaptation and coastal protection.