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Introducing BCL

BCL Associates provides all services in all branches of Engineering, Agriculture, Rural Development and Social Sciences.
Full services are provided for a project from the beginning till the end, which includes preparation for initial Project Feasibility Study, Project Design and Development, Project Implementation and Supervision, Procurement Assistance, Commissioning, Monitoring and Evaluation and finally, Technology Transfer.
Our Mission

- Helping Clients realize their visions is our mission

Corporate History

BCL Associates Limited formerly known as Bangladesh Consultants Ltd is a leading consultancy practice in Bangladesh. The company was established as a partnership company in 1964 with the name of East Pakistan Consultants and in 1968 became a Private Limited Company with the name of East Pakistan Consultants Ltd (EPCL). After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the name was changed to Bangladesh Consultants Ltd (BCL). In recent years, company's operations have grown considerably through a combination of planned geographic expansion and diversification of activities, adding new areas of services and new client categories. The international activities were inaugurated in 1990 and have since steadily expanded to countries in Southeast, South and Central Asia and Southern Africa.

In 2006 the Company has changed its name to BCL Associates Ltd and became an Employee owned company, the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The company has a total of 46 shareholders of which 37 are employees of the company.

BCL is an independent firm of consultants and as a member of the Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers(BACE) subscribes to the general principles and standards of professional conduct laid down by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). BCL is also a member of the Federation of Consultants of Islamic Countries (FCIC). The firm is registered with and has successfully conducted many projects for the major international development funding agencies, among others the Asian Development Bank, The World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, BADEA, African Develoment Fund.


Is an acronym for BCL Centre for Training and Research, is a dedicated purpose oriented facility of BCL. It coordinates all in house staff training and research and also provides tailor made specific training programmes to suit the needs of Clients. It is adequately equipped to undertake classroom training courses and also provides hands on training in the field and on-job through attachment to BCL's various projects and offices. CenTR also undertakes applied research in fields relevant to the company's business and to the country's development efforts. CenTR is recognised as a skill development centre by the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh related to its consideration of CPD.


BCL has its own laboratory facility initially established to assist and supplement in its soils, materials & geotechnical investigation and analysis for its in-house projects also is fully capable to provide advisory services to outside entities as and when requested.


It is an independent wing of the company equipped with highly educated and expert IT personnel and high end computers, plotters, digitizers etc. A wide range of software is used for data analysis, engineering design, drafting, project planning and monitoring, EDMS & Online Project Collaboration System, Financial Management etc. The section also develops user specific software to meet clients’ needs. BCL Computer Service is fully equipped to provide services to outside clients as well.

BCL is an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certified company. ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 are universally accepted as effective quality and environmental management systems for ensuring and enhancing quality of service, customer satisfaction and operation in an earth-friendly manner. Since its very inception in 1964, providing quality services to client’s satisfaction has been a hallmark of BCL’s operation. With these certifications now institutionalized within BCL, the company is better equipped and prepared to deliver at an even higher level.

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