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In 1908, he attended the Canadian Olympic trials and qualified to make the track and field team and represent Canada in the 1908 Olympic games to be held at Shepherd’s Bush Stadium in London. Twenty three nations would compete, represented by 2,084 athletes. Compare that to the last summer Olympics in 2012 in London where 10,500 athletes from more than 200 countries participated.

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Outpouring of love and support from this community has been absolutely amazing, said Diane Whittemore, Brian aunt. Never seen anything like it. A sophomore who played second base on Millikan varsity baseball team, was struck and killed by a car on Spring Street just across from El Dorado Park on June 1.

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More than 450 players are scheduled to participate. The Kamloops Rugby Club Raiders dropped a 19 17 first division decision to Cowichan in a game played in windy conditions on the weekend. The Raiders trailed 19 7 at the half, before scoring two tries and making it interesting.

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His dad was a perfectionist, Hammel says, dedicated to his work in the steel industry. When his parents divorced when he and his siblings were young, his father chased jobs across the country, eventually landing in Seattle. William had dreams of starting a steel erection business.

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At Ted’s Restaurant, a limited menu joint in Meriden, the fresh ground beef is cooked in one drawer of a large metal steam cabinet while the cheese gets the same treatment in another. The Pit beckons customers in North Wilmington with its vintage, circa 1956 pink neon sign. Inside, mini jukeboxes hang in the wood paneled booths.

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