That was just four years ago

So I didn sleep at all. That was just four years ago. It really I guess I just still can believe it. We took the slow route south, meandering down Route 1 past motels and ice cream stands shuttered for the season and Saco snow covered amusement parks. Once in Biddeford, we drove down Main Street, planning to park and search out the places putting the town in the spotlight. But crossing the Saco River, we found ourselves at the Run of the Mill Public House Brewery and since it was past noon, thought we fortify ourselves for exploring with a snack and a pint..

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Slideshow: Big Time Rush at Target Center, 8/10/13Big Time Rush is both a boy band and a Nickelodeon sitcom once described by the Boston Globe as a G rated Entourage. They’re a group of four hockey playing friends from the North Star State who made it big in Hollywood, according to their back story on TV. In reality, the four members of BTR were brought together by a nationwide casting call.

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According to DuBrin (2002), people will get promoted because of their aptitude to learn; “being able to learn quickly makes continuous learning possible” (p. 379). In the same vein, in their study, Mainemelis, Boyatzis, Kolb (1999) found that “The task demands and pressures of a specific job may shape a person’s adaptive orientation” (p.

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