Maidan Shar( Onai bypass) -Bamyan Road project, Afghanistan.

This 142 km long road includes a number of tunnels and provides the shortest link between the valley of Bamyan and Kabul. The existing road crosses a mountain area with two high passes, the Onay Pass and the Hajigak Pass and rugged terrain and gets closed for deep snow coverage in winter and in part of spring. The Bamyan town may only be reached via the alternative 230 km route passing along the north highway and a gravel road through the Shibar Pass. The new road eliminated that hazard. BCL in JV with C Lotti of Italy was the Consultant for the whole project implemented with the funding from Government of Italy. BCL provided the Resident Engineer and all other experts under the Team Leader from C Lotti.
Client: Ministry of Public Works, Afghanistan, 2014