Reconstruction of Ujar – Zardab – Agjabedi (R32) Road, Azerbaijan

Services: BCL Associates Limited Consultancy services for ‘Updating Feasibility Study, Engineering Designs, Cost Estimates and Preparation of Safeguard Reports and Bidding Document for the Civil Works Contract for Reconstruction of Ujar-Zardab-Agjabadi Road (70.50 km) Section under Second Road Network Development Investment Program, Project 1 in Azerbaijan (ADB funded)’ Upgrade the Ujar- Zardab - Agjabadi (R32) 70.5 km long road, which links R18 on the south of Agjabadi city with the international highway M2 at Ujar intersection on the north road from category III to category II funded by ADB. An updated Initial Environmental Examination study was carried out based on the Detailed Engineering Design. Biophysical testing (air, noise modelling, vibration, surface water quality), ecological investigation and social assessment of the baseline condition were carried for preparation of EMP of the project. In addition, Land acquisition and Resettlement Plan was prepared for the project. Baseline condition of the surface water quality of Kura river crosses the project road is assessed to formulate the mitigation measures for anticipated adverse impact during construction of bridge under the road project. Noise level modelling study was carried out under the IEE for the baseline year 2018, opening of the road in year 2021 and for the year 2031 after 10 years of Project road opening.
Client: AZERAVTOYOL” OJSC, Azerbaijan, 2017