Mogbazar Mouchak Flyovers, Dhaka Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh

Services: Design Consultants (TAEP)-Kuwait, BCL and STUP India involved in Feasibility study, detail Design and Documentation for the Moghbazar-Mouchak Flyovers under funding from KFAED. To improve the transport infrastructure and services in Dhaka Metropolitan area and in order to improve the prevailing chaotic traffic condition, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) undertook the Dhaka Urban Transport Project (DUTP). The Environmental Consultant prepared the EIA study and the objective of EIA was to identify, the negative impacts on environment and social issues and recommend mitigation measures as described below: • Document an EIA of the Project pursuant to requirement of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and of the donor agency Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) • Ensure that all environmental concerns are fully accounted in consideration of detailed Design and construction specifications of the Project. • Preparation of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Project and ensure that the Project is environmentally sound and sustainable through implementation of the EMP during the pre-construction, construction and operational phases of the Project. • During peak hours the queue extended even up to Malibag intersection in the east and sometimes creates hindrance to the Moghbazar intersection.
Client: LGED, 2006