Demonstration of Improved Energy Efficiency and Emission: Conversion of 7 FCKs into Zigzag Kiln in the Brick Sector under Clean Air and Sustainable Environment, Bangladesh.

Existing brick making technology was identified as number one source of most of the air pollution and GHG emission in Bangladesh. GoB, DoE and the Donors have undertaken several projects in search of viable, cleaner and better technologies to adopt in place of outmoded FCK technology. Conversion of existing FCK into improved Zigzag has been proved to be one of the environment-friendly, sustainable and economically viable technologies available. The project was initiated to promote and popularize conversion of FCKs into improved zigzag kilns and further demonstrate the technology to entrepreneurs of all regions of Bangladesh. The services consists of (i) demonstration of conversion of 7 Fixed Chimney Kilns (FCKs) into Zigzag kilns following standard engineering design (ii) demonstration of pilot operation and improved firing practices for 3 months providing rules of practices, (iii) consolidation of energy and emission results of first demonstration through repeated measurements and laboratory tests, (iv) dissemination of kiln conversion methods and findings among stakeholders (members of BBMOA), (v) providing coordination and technical support and advices to client on appropriate cleaner brick technologies, (vi) developing design criteria for introduction of cleaner brick production and making assessment for all available technologies of brick making, (mechanized or manual) (vii) conducting surveys of major brick making areas and identifying availability of waste materials that can be used as raw materials and (viii) preparing reports and documents for knowledge products including innovation of alternative building materials. The project was funded by ADB.
Client: Department of Environment, 2018