Shah Amanat Bridge, Bangladesh

The project consisted of investigation, design & construction of 950m long 4-lane Extradosed PC box girder bridge over the Karnaphuli River, 2.5 km long approach roads, 11 km service road and river training works at Chittagong. The bridge was sited next to and about 50m upstream of an existing steel trussed road bridge, which was removed as part of the present project by the Bridge Contractor on completion of the new bridge. The construction is based on Design-Build ICB. This is the first major cable-supported bridge of its kind in Bangladesh and second in the sub-continent. Shah Amanat Bridge (previously known as the Third Karnaphuli Bridge) is a 950m long bridge comprising three 200m extradosed main river spans, two 115m side spans and a 130m approach viaduct section spanning the Karnaphuli River in Chittagong, the second largest city in Bangladesh. BCL in JV with KEI (Japan), TAEP(Kuwait) and STUP (India) was appointed by the China Roads & Highways Department (RHD) as the Consultant for preparation of reference detail design, checking of the contractor’ and contract administration and supervision of the project. The pre-stressed concrete box girder deck was constructed by the balanced cantilever technique. Seismic devices were provided at each of the four piers to transfer loads from deck into the substructure. The crossing carries two full lanes (3.65m wide) and two narrow (1.65m wide) lanes of traffic on each carriageway as well as providing access for pedestrians. The project was funded by KFAED. BCL was the consultant for the feasibility study in earlier phase of the project.
Client: RHD, 2016.