Banga Bandhu Bridge over the Jamuna river, Bangladesh

BCL was a member of the Consultants consortium comprising, RPT (UK), NEDECO (Holland) for the pre- feasibility study, feasibility study to implementation of this 4.8 km long road cum rail bridge with 4 lane road and dual gauge rail track at a cost of US$ 950 million funded by WB-ADB-OECF. The project included extensive river training works to channelize the flow of the largest river in the subcontinent and the 5th largest in the world that in terms of discharge is the third largest in the world. Width of this braided river varies from 6 to 14 kms. Length of the River Training Guide bunds at each bank is over two kilometres and armoured with thick rock cushion over geo textiles and a long falling apron. Banga Bandhu Bridge is the first fixed road link between the Eastern and Western zones of Bangladesh across the Ganges/Padma river system.
Client: Jamuna Bridge Authority. The project was completed in 2003 with the bridge opened in 1998.