Ports & Harbours

BCL has contributed in planning and development of Seaports, Terminals, River Ports, Container Ports, Handling Yards, Customs clearance facilities at ports and outside ICDs. Development of Ports is essential facilitated promoting overseas trade and exchange of goods. It is more important for developing country like Bangladesh which formulates its economic development plans and program mostly based on export industries sector.

    Major Experiences

  • BIWTA Container Transport in Bangladesh, Feasibility Study, WB, 1985
  • Rail Container Transport Study, Chittagong Port-Kamalapur, ADB, 1987
  • Mongla Port Area Development Project, ADB, 1996
  • Port Upgrading Study, Chittagong and Mongla Ports, ADB, 1998
  • Chittagong Port Access Road (Third Road Improvement Project), ADB, 1999
  • Villingili Harbour Project, Maldives, IDB, 1999
  • Construction of Dolphin Jetty for Oil Tankers, Chittagong Port, 1989
  • Feasibility Study of Beira Fishing Port, Quay No. 1, Mozambique, 2003
  • Design and Construction Supervision of Beira Fishing Port, Fish Processing Plant, Mozambique, 2006-2009
  • Construction of 370 ft long Berthing Jetty in Chittagong, 2010
  • Construction of a Berthing Jetty for Power Plant Machineries Jhulda 100MW Power Plant, Chittagong, 2011
  • Feasibility Study of Building a Berthing Jetty at Bhatiari, BSRM, 2010
  • Construction of Patenga Beacon at Norman Point, Chittagong Port, 1983
  • Planning, Design and Construction of a Central Waterway and two Zonal Cargo handling equipment yards, 2010
  • Dhaka Bag Cement Terminal, 2001
  • CPA Land Use Plan, CPA, 1985
  • Dredging of Port Quasem, Pakistan, 2002
  • BIDC Jetty for Cement Clinkers, Chittagong, 1972
  • Design and Construction Lighterage Jetty, Chittagong, 1974
  • Design and Construction Supervision of Gangways and Steel Spuds at seven Steamer Ghats (River Port) along Dhaka-Khulna River route, 2008