M A Aziz

We are a leading Bangladeshi firm of engineering consultants and socio-economic planners. If as a client or a consortium partner you are looking for a company which can deliver value, in Bangladesh or abroad, you will find in us a record of 53 years of satisfactory service.

We, at BCL, feel proud of ourselves as the pioneer of the consulting industry in Bangladesh. The company has been a trendsetter from its early years. In the 1960s, as East Pakistan Consultants Ltd, it was the first local company to be commissioned for a major infrastructure development project. It has never looked back. It has chalked up many first: the first Bangladeshi consulting firm to win a project abroad, the first to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Another first of which we are particularly proud of is that we are the only firm which is employee-owned. Our ownership scheme is designed to reward competence and performance, not inheritance, And that, we believe, is how it should be.

The company's pioneering and innovative approach to both its consulting services and internal management have earned for it a per-eminent position in the country. It has worked in about 20 countries in Asia and Africa. In-country, it has been associated with some of the most high profile projects.
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