Information & Communication Technology

Our people make projects happen. With a range of skills in communications technology, we create effective teams that get the job done, including commercial managers, engineers and other technical experts, project managers, contract managers, risk managers, data analysts, service managers and security specialists.

BCL ICT is an independent wing of the company equipped with highly qualified and expert IT personnel and software developers. We have high end computers, plotters, digitizers, etc. and a wide range of software used for data analysis, engineering design & drafting. Our focal point of concentration at the moment is Project Management Information System(PMIS). A PMIS is capable of handling a project from kick-off to handover, which includes project planning, monitoring & evaluation, Online Data collaboration, Procurement management, Human resource, Financial Management, Electronic Document Management Systems and a medium to handle all correspondences. The section also provides independent IT service to outside clients after knowing each client’s requirements and design the product accordingly.