Global Infrastructure Conference, 2023

Global Infrastructure Conference, 2023

FIDIC-Sep 2023
A three member delegation from BCL Associates Limited (BCL) lead by Mr A K M Fazlul Haque, Director represented BACE in the Global Infrastructure Conference of FIDIC held at Raffles City Convention Centre on 10- 12 September, 2023 in Singapore. The Conference have also celebrated 110 years of FIDIC. The other two members were Mr Kafil Uddin Ahmed & Mr Kabir Ahmed.

The conference theme, Infrastructure – there’s no time to lose: Sustainable global (and local) strategies to build a better world, stressed the urgency of the need to invest in infrastructure in a sustainable way at a local and national level that brings stakeholders together around a common aim of improving the global environment that we all depend on.

Many professionals from different Consulting Firms of almost all countries of the globe attended the interactive sessions of the Conference.

Welcome and opening remarks were addressed by:

• Anthony Barry – President, FIDIC

• Dr. Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, Chief Executive Officer, FIDIC

There were 8 (eight) Panel Sessions for discussing the issues raised in the presentation of the Keynote Speakers on different title.