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“We were looking for a location to create some sort of experience for our customers and Philadelphia has always been a great market for us,” Patterson explained. “We always valued the brick and mortar experience, whether it was with partners like Nordstom, Bloomingdale’s and Men’s Wearhouse, but King of Prussia was a real opportunity because it overlaps a lot of our customers that we already have. Its closeness to New York allows us to spend time in the store and learn as much as we can from having our own retail experience and continue to grow as a business.

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24 is still suiting up for the Lakers.We knew it twohours before Sunday exhibition tipoff versus the Clippers.Those were KB gray sweats hanging in his Staples Center locker stall.Bryant almost certainly is going to be here for Game 1, and probably for Game 82, too. The $19.5 million the Lakers owe him this season pretty much assures he will show up in a timely fashion.And the chance that owner Jerry Buss finally will snap and deal his former pet seems remote. Buss would have to quell fan backlash, and he would have to get a superstar or two back in trade, and neither is the smart way to bet.Not that the Lakers have reached some sort of stasis.

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