Strategic Transport Planning for Greater Dhaka, Bangladesh

There were four primary objectives of the project:

• To develop a coherent long-term Strategic Transport Plan for Dhaka with a 20-year planning horizon
• To formulate an Urban Transport Policy to help guide urban transport system development
• To identify institutional weaknesses of DTCB, DCC, RAJUK, DMP and BRTA and to prepare plans for their institutional strengthening and capacity building
• To prepare concept papers for priority projects to be implemented in the first phase (the first five years)

Services provided include:

• Various traffic, socio-economic and environmental surveys and analysis;
• Study of the various multi-modal transports operating in Dhaka City and their comparative/ complementary roles in the overall transport system of the city;
• Identification of weaknesses, physical and institutional, hobbling the city’s transport system;
• Identification of major road network and arterial corridors in the DMA area for the next 20 years
• Preparation of alternative land use scenarios and population projection
• Preparation of Strategic Transport Plan based on EMME/2 model
• Identification and recommendation of alternative mass transit systems BRT, light railway and metro system in phases, preliminary tariff studies for comparison purposes of the alternatives.
• Identification of institutional weakness of five major agencies in Dhaka City involved in Transport System and recommending their institutional strengthening
• Preparation of concept paper including preliminary cost-benefit analysis of priority projects
The project was funded by WB. BCL was a member of the Consultants’ consortium led by Luis Berger (USA).
Client: DTCB, 2005