Governance and Infrastructure Improvement under City Governance Project for Targeted Five City Corporations, Bangladesh

The project consisted of conducting feasibility study for improvement of urban infrastructure in 5(five) City Corporations at Narayanganj, Comilla, Rangpur, Gazipur and Chittagong including promoting economic opportunities in the target five City Corporations by strengthening the City Corporations’ administrative capacity contributing to the economic growth and the living environment improvement in the target cities including detailed design, construction supervision and monitoring activities of the project.

Services provided include:
• The design, supervision and monitoring sub-team will assist and support PCO and PIU in implementing Batch-1 and Batch-2 of the project in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner to meet the project purpose
• The designs of the different categories of subprojects in Batch-1 and Batch-2 are properly prepared in consultation with local stakeholders in accordance with the defined technical standards and specifications, and are cost-effective
• Procurement of civil works under the project is undertaken in an efficient, competitive and transparent manner in accordance with relevant regulations
• All appropriate measures are taken, in accordance with national regulations and JICA Guidelines for Environmental and Social Consideration (April, 2010); to safeguard the physical, natural and human environment and to mitigate potential adverse impacts
• Proper and effective supervision, cost control, quality control and contract administration in all civil works subprojects implemented by the Project
• Project implementation and management of Batch 1 and Batch 2 is timely, cost-effective, transparent and accountable
• Preparing and managing detailed operation plans
• Conducting necessary survey for detailed design and cost estimation
• Preparing detailed engineering designs and cost estimates for all civil works for subprojects in Batch 2 (also support CC in Batch 1 implementation)
• Preparing physical work plan
• Preparing the draft tender documents for each package and assist PIU in tendering and contracting process
• Handling tendering, contract award and contract management
• Supervising, monitoring and reporting the implementation of all civil works of the subprojects of batch-I and batch-2 including cost and quality control
• Preparing, implementing, monitoring and reporting on operation and maintenance action plans for urban infrastructure
• Monitoring & reporting of actual physical and financial progress compared with the work plans, and maintaining the Project implementation schedule
• Supervising safety measures at the construction sites
• Supporting procedure for environmental and social consideration
Client: LGED, 2018