Environment & Social Impact

Environmental degradation and risks are inherent in infrastructure urban and industrial development. This is a crucial challenge for Bangladesh like all other developing countries. It is affecting natural resources, physical resources, depleting green fields, forest, air, water, etc. It is extremely important to provide sustainable development ensuring eco-friendly and pollution free environment for development. Without proper mitigation measures sustainable environment cannot be provided. BCL environmentalists are continuously engaged in environmental impact assessment of projects planned carrying IEE, EIA, EMAP and other studies to mitigate the risks of environmental degradation and climate change.

    Major Experiences

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Jamuna Bridge Project (4.8km), JMBA, World Bank, 1988
  • EIA of the Jamuna Bridge Railway Risk Project, JMBA, ADB, 1997
  • Urban Transport and Environmental Study Project, Road Transport Sector, World Bank, 2001
  • IEE, EIA, RAP of Ashuganj-Bangabandhu Bridge-Sirajganj 230KV Transmission line, BPDB, 2002
  • IEE, EIA, RAP of Baghabari-Sirajganj-Bogra 230KV Transmission line, BPDB, 2002
  • EIA Pre-feasibility of Padma Bridge, Phase-1, 2003 and Feasibility Study, BBA, 2009
  • EMP for 5.58km Padma Bridge at Janjira-Mawa Corridor, BBA, 2006
  • Environmental Site Assessment of Meghnaghat – 2x341 MW CCPP, 2011
  • Environmental Site Assessment of Bibiyana – 2x335 MW CCPP, 2011
  • EIA Study of Western Bangladesh Bridge Project, RHD, 2014
  • EIA of 11 Feasibility Study Projects under FSMP, CGP, JICA, 2016-2017
  • EIA Study for Dhaka Elevated Expressway (DEE) Project, BBA, 2017 (on-going)
  • EIA Study for Sub-regional Road Corridor Project, ADB (on-going)
  • Conversion of FCK into Zigzag Kiln Project, Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE), DoE, World Bank, 2011-2017
  • Cyclone Shelter Preparatory Study for Coastal Districts of Bangladesh, LGED, EU, 1995-1997
  • Social Investment Program Project (SIPP) under Social Development Foundation (SDF) aimed to implement community driven small infrastructure in project village (700) help reduce hardcore poverty, SDF, World Bank, 2003-2007